June 27

Am I supporting a conspiracy theorist by belonging to this FB group?

Am I financially supporting a conspiracy theorist by belonging to this Facebook group? [more inside]
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Espionage as a means of trusted communication?

I just finished reading the (extremely excellent) book The Spy and the Traitor, about KGB agent turned MI6 spy Oleg Gordievsky. I was struck by how the most important, world-changing intelligence he made available was not really "secret" - it was information that each side would, ideally, want the other side to know, but had no way of communicating in a way the other side would believe. Is there a name for this concept, so I can read more about it? [more inside]
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A question about doubled depth perception or wonky binocular vision

I experienced a brief moment of depth-perception weirdness today, and I'm interested in finding a clear explanation. [more inside]
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Who said "Security is inversely proportional to convenience"?

Who said "Security is inversely proportional to convenience"?I first heard it in the early 1990s, but it easily could be centuries old.Quote sites aren't helping out.
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Difference in virus risk between NC and IL for the next year

Trying to decide how risky it would be to go back to Durham/Chapel Hill NC for the next year.Our lease is up, it's very expensive here, and we need to take care of things in NC.We'd already have a place to live in NC. [more inside]
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Driving from the south towards the tri-state quarantine

I need to drive from a southern state* to CT in the next two weeks for Reasons.I got the COVID19 antibody test this week and I tested negative for antibodies.I plan to do a drive-through COVID19 active infection test, and then leave as soon as I get results confirming I don't have an active infection.I plan to quarantine for the entire time I'm at my destination.I'm driving a car with North Carolina plates and I'm really anxious about getting stopped along the way, either in NY or CT, by police enforcing the tri-state quarantine.What happens when/if I get pulled over?Is there any chance they will tell me I simply can't enter the state or to turn around?Is there any chance I'll get stuck in CT and be unable to return home? [more inside]
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Help me cook large halal meal

I have a need to cook a large halal meal for an observant family, with enough for leftovers, but don't have good recipes. Help! [more inside]
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How to find someone to do small but urgent cleaning in Asheville

I have a friend whose mental health issues has resulted in a kitchen that is a total disaster. As a one time gift to my friend, I would like to find someone asap to come in a clean all the dirty dishes without expressing any judgement about the mold in the pots. My usual word of mouth approach doesn't work when I live cross-country. Where does one look for this for south Asheville?
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Do different kinds of olives come from different kinds of trees?

Can all of the olives on this page be made from the same tree? Or are different kinds of olive trees needed to make different kinds of olives? (Or are all the differences made from harvesting or curing, etc.?)
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Hot weather drinks that make you happy - non-alcoholic

There were a ton of great answers for my food that makes you happy question. This is the drinks version. Say you're sitting on a covered patio outside of your cabin in the woods, watching a stream flow by, it's 95°, and all is right with the world. What are you drinking to stay cool?
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Help us find a less popular ski and snowboard resort.

Where should we go skiing/snowtubing in the winter in the U.S.? [more inside]
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Treadmills adaptable for under desks?

Rather than buy an under desk treadmill (expensive) I’d like to buy a used treadmill and remove the handlebars to use it under a desk. I don’t know which treadmill brands or models are the best for this use case.
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How can I prevent problems with algae growth on steps into the water?

I have some stairs that lead down into a salt water bay.The steps that are wet grow algae that is slick and hazardous.I need to find a solution so that no one gets hurt. [more inside]
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Looking for kids TV outside the uncanny valley

We've started sparingly watching TV with our 15 month old, and there are really only two shows that she likes that I can tolerate. I'm looking for interestingly animated, fun, age appropriate shows that I can watch with her. [more inside]
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Save my echeveria!

We have a very majestic echeveria with sentimental value, and it's currently having an infestation of something. How do I fix it?? [more inside]
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Fun ideas for a well-distanced birthday picnic

I decided since this was one of my big birthdays I'd like to do something, and my sister's birthday is very close to mine, as well as my beloved niece. A (well-distanced) picnic in the park sounded fun, but I'd to do something besides the boxed lunches (a brilliant idea I got from a service I attended last week). [more inside]
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Need advice for apartment hunting in LA/Santa Monica from OR...

My daughter is scheduled to start at FIDM in LA this October and is looking for an apartment in Santa Monica or near FIDM in LA (less so)... [more inside]
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Random Carter Family album

I'm always on the lookout for rarities from Sara Carter, so does anyone know what's up with this 2010 album from Goldenlane Records/Orchard Enterprises? In addition to the cuts from Historic Reunion, here are a lot of instrumentals that sound like Maybelle on autoharp, some with Maybelle on vocals, and then "No More Goodbyes" from Sara (not on Historic Reunion). Any thoughts?
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Exercises/games to help my four year old follow directions?

My four year old was a very late talker, but has largely caught up -- yay!She still struggles a bit with following direction exercises (i.e., three step directions.)Does anyone have any advice on how to improve this? [more inside]
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Exemplary live quarantine music performances

What have been your favorite online quarantine performances and how are finding them? I've enjoyed John Doe on Facebook (which includes a cover of 'Here Comes A Regular' about 45 minutes in) and Rhett Miller on StageIt. I'm mostly interested in rock, country, soul and blues, but please post anything you think is a great performance.
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Help me enjoy my backyard

I have a little backyard. But I find it impossible to sit in and enjoy because of ALL THE BUGS. [more inside]
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Laptop First Aid

I spilled a bit of coffee on my laptop (an HP Pavilion) this morning.I tried to mop it up, and stupidly kept using for a couple minutes - but the trackpad was not responding to my finger and the cursor kept jumping around, so I stopped. It is now turned off, the battery removed, and it is propped up. Upside down, in front of my air conditioner, where I will leave it for the rest of the day. Anything else I should or could do, or watch for?
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Where to practice driving stick?

I’m teaching my partner to drive stick and am looking for suggestions of places to practice in Seattle. [more inside]
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June 26

Emergency Contact Person: NONE

I realize that lately I've been disappointed by my family and I have no idea what to do when I have to write in basic questions like emergency contact or arranging caretaker after anesthesia. Is there someone I can call/hire for me just for emergencies? [more inside]
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54 Pound Bag of Sumac...What Do??

Through a friend who works in a loosely regulated bulk food store, my community house (6 people, one cat) has come into possession of 54 lbs of ground sumac. Don’t know the quality, but seems ok? We need ideas of how to use it up. [more inside]
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Black Lives Matter: getting to "yes" in [niche hobby group]

Can you point me to a document to guide me through the process of increasing inclusion and diversity within an organization? Ideally I'd like to get us to the point of saying "Black Lives Matter", making a formal statement/process around inclusion, and taking specific actions (scholarships, training, etc). But there's a lot of ground to cover between here and there -- and judging from the strong emotions that have surfaced in our conversations so far on this topic, that ground is a bit of a swamp! [more inside]
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Help me plan a wedding I could like?

My boyfriend and I want to get married. I'd rather elope, but he wants a wedding. We're compromising with something small and non-traditional. But what? [more inside]
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Looking For The Name Of A Band From The 90s

I worked on a music video back in the early 90s.I think the band had only one hit song, but it was big enough that MTV played it fairly regularly for a little bit.I can't remember the name of the band or the song. [more inside]
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Extreme Home Makeover: Animal Crossing Edition?

How do I get my real-life apartment to resemble or evoke my Animal Crossing house? [more inside]
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Spook My Son

Looking for scary movie recommendations for a six year old (so within specific parameters). [more inside]
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Someone Applied for Unemployment Under My Name

It appears that someone applied for unemployment benefits under my name in NY and I'm not sure how to proceed. [more inside]
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Abusive/addict :..sit down talk...am I being unrealistic?

Hi.Its me and my ? a bit of a silly question this time.Yes ,my husband and I are still separated.We had adiscussion 2 days ago, where I came clean and told him why I may take him back.He also stated that my loudness caused 95 percent of the lack of emotional intimacy/ closeness problems ( no mention of the addiction/abuse). Then this evening , someone whomI value greatly said things that make me second guess my decision to leave him... I lost alot of hope ..it feels like one step forward three steps back . [more inside]
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Family friendly games on Steam

My wife got me a Steam giftcard for Father's Day to buy games to play with my almost 4 and 5-year-old kids. With the Steam Summer Sale ongoing, I'm looking for recommendations on things to buy and play. [more inside]
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Five gold rings, but not on my time

What do they call it when a song sets up an expectation of the tempo which the vocal melody then thwarts? [more inside]
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How to manage first date anxiety

In the 24 or so hours leading up to a first date, I get evil butterflies -- I feel nauseous, jumpy, terrified, and unable to focus on anything. I feel panicked and like I would rather do anything in the world than go on this date. I've broken down in tears in front of friends before because of this feeling. It's really, intensely unpleasant and I need to find ways of managing it better because it's hurting my dating life and also the rest of my life. (To be clear, I'm experiencing social anxiety, not anxiety about being physically threatened by my date.) [more inside]
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Best Practices for Flying During the Pandemic

My family and I are planning on taking an essential plane ride sometime in the near future. What are the current best practices to keep us and other travelers safe and to reduce our exposure to coronavirus? [more inside]
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Good music documentaries?

I'm looking for documentaries I can stream about bands or artists that do a deep dive into their history or follow them for a period of time. Examples inside. [more inside]
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Reputable Resources for Self Hypnosis?

I'm interested in using self-hypnosis to improve my attention, reduce procrastination, increase confidence, and so forth. [more inside]
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Spam call that bypasses the voicemail trigger and never stops ringing?

I just received a spam call that rang until it would have normally been triggered to go to voicemail, but then the ring just dipped for a second and then it restarted the ring sequence without going to voicemail or hanging up.It rang about six times the normal ring length before I finally declined the call and blocked the number.How did this call bypass my cell phone's normal behavior? [more inside]
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can anyone help me identify these character stickers?

These Pusheen stickers came in a random assorted pack and seem to be referencing specific characters. Googling hasn’t gotten me anywhere. Can you tell me who they’re supposed to be?
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My cat is dying- what do I need to know to get through this?

I have just found out my beloved young kitty is dying. He has a stone blocking his ureter which will eventually cause his kidneys to fail in a few months.I'd like to know how to get through this and a bit of reassurance that I'm doing the right thing. [more inside]
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Running Etiquette: Gender Dynamics Edition

Asking for my (cis) boyfriend: What is the best way to pass and/or overtake other runners on the street -- especially women and AFAB people -- without making anyone feel threatened, patronized, unnerved, or just generally shitty? Snowflakes inside. [more inside]
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My boyfriend wants to see his other partner

We (m/m non-monogamous couple) have been in hard isolation since the middle of March, basically. We both have other partners that we've been seeing in a masked, socially distanced way. This isn't ideal and we miss them, but we both have pretty serious health issues that make it highly likely that a COVID infection would be disastrous. Now my partner's other partner wants to talk seriously about being able to have sex again, and I have concerns. [more inside]
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How can I find out the history of this street name?

I used to live near a street called Rapelye in Brooklyn. Later, reading about my family history, I learned that—coincidentally—the street was named after an ancestor. (The family name was originally Rapareillet, Dutch-ified to Rapelje). The family farm was apparently in a different part of Brooklyn. I'm wondering how I could find out how a tiny street in Carroll Gardens happened to be named after someone in the family.
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Good replacement for Extra Fine Tip Sharpies?

I'm inspired by the other permanent marker question today.I love the old Extra Fine Tip Sharpies. They're between the standard "fine tip" sharpie and too-fine "ultra fine" -- kind of like a permanent felt-tip pen. I used them to write on paper (even though they would bleed). But now they're discontinued. [more inside]
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My 13-year-old wants to learn to type

Do you know of any good online resources/tutorials for a 13-year-old who wants to learn how to type?
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BIPOC terms of use

How is the term BIPOC supposed to be used? Is it supposed to only refer to Black and Indigenous people of color, or is it supposed to include Black, Indigenous, and all other people of color? [more inside]
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Who Can Build Me a New Website?

I have a small business that has now outgrown its Wordpress e-commerce site (Frankensteined together by me, a non-techie). The site includes a blog and a remotely hosted podcast, and has become a bit of a monster to administer. How can I find a reliable developer/webmaster who will build me a new website that I can tweak as needed, and spend a couple hours a month administering it/troubleshooting? [more inside]
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Where can I find a Chris Ware comic about an early recording artist?

I am trying to find a comic by Chris Ware that I believe was printed about 15-25 years ago. It was about an early recording artist in the US who was black and recorded a "laughing song." [more inside]
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Homesick: Pandemic Edition

Two years ago, I moved to a new city for a great job. Job is still great (better than I expected, actually), but I'm very lonely and homesick outside of work. How do you learn to make a home when all the usual options are on lockdown? [more inside]
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What kind of caterpiller is this? can we raise it? How?

What kind of caterpiller is this? can my son and I raise it to a beautiful butterfly? How? It's on a spruce tree if that helps.
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The Mealy Peaches

I bought a bag of pretty-looking peaches whose mealy interiors are a disgrace to June peaches everywhere.Not edible even for a rather forgiving peach lover. [more inside]
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Extended EDD Coverage

I've heard mention of an unemployment compensation "clause" regarding continued payment after a furloughed employee has been called back to work, but can't find confirmation of this. [more inside]
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A permanent marker

What's a good choice for a permanent marker for a specific kitchen task? [more inside]
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Painful Lower Belly Fat

Over the past 6 months I've developed a lot of lower belly fat that under certain circumstances makes me look oddly pregnant. The trouble is that this area *hurts* and is an ongoing source of pain, heaviness, and pressure. I also have a lot of lower back pain, a frequent need to pee, and frequent IBS-like symptoms. Is this just part and parcel of weight gain, or am I missing something?
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What to take with me to Zurich?

I will be staying in Zurich for three months or so, working (but with no per diems). I'll be staying in a serviced apartment with a kitchen, which is great, but I know even for groceries/toiletries Zurich is known for its eye-watering prices. I'm currently in London — is there anything day-to-day I should bring with me that is outstandingly expensive to buy in Switzerland? I'm a woman, mid-thirties, looking forward to the great outdoors.
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I'm stuck

I've mentioned in several contexts here that I struggle with PTSD. I'm very underemployed, so my economy is in free fall. I need to do something now, and I 'm not doing and haven't for several months on end. How can I get myself to do something for me? [more inside]
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How to describe nationality/heritage when a parent is deceased?

This seems like it should be fairly straightforward, but I find I keep struggling with describing this when I'm asked about my heritage. Both my parents are/were from a different country than the one where I grew up and live. Before one of my parents died, I would respond 'My parents are Xish, I was born here'. [more inside]
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June 25

The AUdible Encyclopedia, or, What was this thing?

Hi, AskMe. :) I come to you with a question out of my childhood, just because it's been on my mind tonight and I'd love some information if you have any.When I was a kid in the 90s, I had access to an audio version of the World Book ENcyclopedia. I"m 99% sure it was the WorldBook. It came on audio tape and had some kind of analog indexing system. [more inside]
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Online screening for film classes

I am a university lecturer in Oz. I teach, among other things, film and media. Part of that is showing films to the class, everything from contemporary cinema and blockbusters to public domain but difficult to source material. Group screenings previously happened via DVD on campus but we have moved online. [more inside]
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