See? Bein’ woke ain’t all that hard…

爱电影网…all’s ya gotta do is string words together until
you finally get some that sound like your point.
Don’t hafta make a lick’a sense


Riots, their Care & Feeding



Story (Obama, Rice, Flynn)
Story (Sullivan, Flynn)

*harumph*… just *harumph*

Story (August Landmesser or Gustav Wegert)

NASCAR cancels itself

Yarbouti comment

Remember, ‘wokes’ pester you, ‘customers’ pay you

To be toppled, first you must accomplish something

(What? Yeah, we’re gonna need to invest in infrastructure, mainly mental hospitals)
Story (Cuomo)
Story (Shaun King)

No noose is good noose

Interesting development, if true

so we should be careful taking a position yet;
but as a crotchety ol’ skeptic, you expect this from me.

Nooses remind me of racist Democrats

[Extensive tome deleted]

(What? Yeah, prob’ly gonna regret posting this, but I’m in the mood for a little resistance)
Story (Talladega, Bubba Wallace)Looks like plain ol’ stupidity has the lead.
GO, stupidity, GO !

(What? Yeah, good. Now I can get back to ignoring NASCAR)


Story (Chicago)

Today’s ‘holding area’

Irony: if you don’t agree strongly enough
with the white fence lords about what
blackness is, then you ain’t black.

Looks like a stupid exercise
to reinforce identity politics.
You know, fool ‘em into thinkin’ that their group
can benefit from bias, segregation, and bigotry
when the right people are in charge

Story (CHAZ/CHOP ghetto)

Happy Fathers Day

1st painting via Ace of Spades, as usual
(15-sec rule: Come up with a couple/few caption ideas within 15 sec, choose one, and edit it within a minute. Otherwise, skip it. As with crosswords, I use this as a self compos mentis test)

2nd painting via Ace of Spades, as usual