Manchester Ice & Fuel

Welcome to the website of the Manchester Ice Company of Manchester, CT. Since 1973, the Manchester Ice Company has serviced the greater Hartford area. Manchester Ice provides quality Ice and Bottled Water products for residential and commercial uses. We sell packaged ice and block ice, ice luges and bottled water in 5 gallon and 3 gallon bottles (no liter or half-liter bottles) at our Manchester, Connecticut, location. (No delivery for ice or bottled water; pickup only.) Feel free to contact us at (800) 526-2178 or (860) 643-1129 with any additional questions. We appreciate any inquiries.

Ice Luge

If you are having a party and need an ice luge, we carry approximately 65-70 pound blocks of ice that are cut on a slope (add your own grooves) - Price is $50.00 or ice luge with 2 curvy grooves - Price is $60.00.

Packaged Ice

We carry packaged ice and block ice for pickup only along with our ice luges.  Cash or Check Only.
Memorial Day to Labor Day
Mon - Fri
Holidays: Closed
Labor Day to Memorial Day
No Credit Cards — Packaged Ice in Manchester, CT
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