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Kel McNaghton
Kel McNaughton


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PO Box 589
Kaitaia, 500
New Zealand

Ph +64 9 408 5862

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Welcome to Kelton Industries

Friends and fellow woodturners, on behalf of Kelton Industries I welcome this opportunity to introduce you to the range of Kelton specialized woodturning tools.

At Kelton Industries, we understand that the rewards of woodturning come not only from the products of turning, but also from the act of turning. We believe woodturning is always more satisfying when the design of the tools is guided by a basic premise: that tool design should not dictate the limits of turned forms, but rather that creative ideas and forms should, where possible, determine tool design.

A further guiding principle for Kelton Industries has been that tools should be as simple as possible and built to exacting quality.

Our current line of tools on display here (and others yet to be released ) are intended to provide the most complete and effective range of specialized tools available. I hope that you will find them to be both effective and a joy to use.

We at Kelton Industries are always striving to improve our current tools and to design new ones to meet the special needs of the woodturning and woodworking community. We welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas in this regard.

I hope you enjoy your visit and come back frequently to discover new products at Kelton Industries that are designed to assist you in your adventures with wood.

Kel McNaughton

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