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If there are three words that need to be used more inAmer­i­can jour­nal­ism, com­men­tary, pol­i­tics, per­sonal life... it?s the magic words ?I don?t know.?   ? P. J. O?Rourke

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Last updated June 22, 2020.
I am (in order of importance) ahus­band, father,com­puter pro­gram­mer,ama­teurlibrar­ian,andmodel rail­roader. I find it diffi­cult to main­tain that order of pri­or­ities,but it is def­i­nitely worth the effort!

亚洲成人区I used to include Christ­ianamong the part-time activ­i­ties men­tioned above, butbeing a Christ­ian is, or should be, differ­ent. Ideally, it?s a cons­tant through­out daily life, affect­ing every­thing else. I?m still work­ing on that too. 

亚洲成人区This site is intended to be a fast and easy way to getto other sites I?ve found use­ful andto pages I have writ­tenand want to sharewith others.  Feel free to lookaround and see what you can find.