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" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 24, 2020

Shine On: David Ditchfield and His Near Death Experience After Effects?

I've written about David Ditchfield before in this old post -
A Real Sliding Doors Moment?
And today I listened/watched two new podcasts featuring David telling his story of dodging being put in a permanent ditch in a field;-) 
Skeptiko #453: David Ditchfield’s Near-Death Experience Turned Him Into an Artist and Composer
Grief 2 Growth Podcast: David Ditchfield- NDE After Effects- Extraordinary Transformation

All Just Eskimo Pie in the Sky?

I saw a news story about political correctness and the re-branding of the iconic 'Eskimo Pie', and I wondered just how much of the metaphorical thread do you pull from an antique rug before it all comes apart? 
"The chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bar got its name from the indigenous people of the Arctic regions, including northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland and Siberia.
The ice cream's packaging features a young boy dressed for snowy weather.
Many indigenous people consider Eskimo a derogatory term because non-native colonizers used it to mean "eater of raw meat," connoting barbarism."
Does that mean the Aussie band 'Eskimo Joe' should re-brand their name, too?
And that Aussies should erase the word "Esky" from their memories of a shamed "racist" past?
The term "Esky" derives from the word Eskimo.
Sounds like a slippery slope (is "slope" a racist word that should be banned from the modern vocabulary, too?-) we are all headed down in these PC BS times, I think.
I think people just like throwing "Wobblies" about any old
"pie in the sky" topic they can pull from their
"pie hole":-P
I guess DustyEsky will have to change their name now too in these PC extreme Lefty times?-)
Dustyesky Went Viral During the Coronavirus Pandemic?
The game is racist because white always moves first?!

It's a MAD f#ckin' world today in more ways than one, I think.
I guess you shouldn't follow white rabbits now, either?

June 23, 2020

The Director of 23 and Phone Booth Passed Away Today?

After I ripped off yesterday's date (June 22) from my wall calendar this morning here in Australia, I saw in the news that
Joel Schumacher had just passed away on the other side of the planet, which was still the 22nd of June, 2020 I presume over in the USA, as Australia is a day ahead of America.
Joel Schumacher, Director of Batman Films and ‘Lost Boys,’ [and '23'] Dies at 80
I guess Joel died pretty close to the summer/winter solstice -
Chris Mackey, Matchboxes and Matching Coincidence with Artistic Matches?
Although with the 23 degree tilt of the Earth, it's the winter solstice down here in Australia -
Astronomical seasons
Earth currently has an axial tilt of about 23.44°
I guess that in the year of the 'Tiger King' I'll have to watch 'Tigerland' and a few other movies from Joel's movie credits, because what else is there to do in 2020, right?-)
Joel Schumacher dies
I'll have something more to add to this post after I come back home tonight, which kind of ties in to the 23 theme of Jim Carrey's 23 paranoia:-)

The cinemas opened this weekend for the first time since corona-virus lock-down and I had booked tickets yesterday (June 22nd Australian time) for me and my youngest son to see 'Titanic' on the old Brisbane IMAX cinema screen at Southbank for tonight June the 23rd.
And this cinema is just up the road from where Tom Hanks watched his wife Rita sing when they both had Covid 19 -
Tom Hanks and the Little BIG House Synch/Sink?
Emma Thompson was born on April 15
Titanic Figures: Predictions 2271 Americans Will Die from Corona-virus on April 15?
Emma Watson was born on April 15th, too

Getting Grill'd and Grill'd wants my deets (details)?
Australian security cameras hacked, streamed on a Russian-based website?
We ate at the restaurant next to the cinema and we had to give them our details before we were allowed in, so if someone tested positive for Covid 19 later they could track us down.
I asked for a XXXX Gold beer to drink with my meal, but they didn't have any, so I ordered a Corona:-)
Thank heavens the parking was free on the night, too.