Eric Forrest

欧美捆绑I’ve been performing for many years as Eric Forrest. ??Forrest is my real middle name, and has a nice ring to it, so I’m using Eric Forrest as my stage name.

I am a multi-instrumental looper, which means I play a collection of instruments, one at a time, into a recording device at my feet, and stack up sounds to create compositions in real time. This is interesting to see and hear, I think, and certainly engaging to perform!

欧美捆绑There are no pre-recorded parts involved, as with many who employ electronics in their shows. Every element is produced live, in the moment, without a net.

My rack of instruments varies from time to time, but for the past 3 years includes Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Guitar, 6-string Bass, Dobro, 5-string Banjo, Harmonicas, Trumpets, and some other instruments which shall remain as surprises at live shows.

These instruments are played solo and combined into duos, trios, and more via the looping pedal to produce music that has been called “eclectic, unique, and silvery in its execution”.

I hope we can meet at a show soon!


please note: ?Eric F Hutchins is not Eric Hutchinson, the famous singer/songwriter rocker.