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It's not the price, but the quality that makes a pizza delicious.

That's what you'll get at Pizza Corner. Your friendly neighborhood pizza store.

Pick-up Specials
One Large One-Topping Pizza9.99
One Large One-Topping Pizza, One Large Garlic Cheesesticks, and One 2-Liter Soda 19.99
One Large Two-Topping Pizza, One 8 piece buffalo chicken wings19.99
One X Large One-Topping Pizza, One order of wings, and One 2-Liter Soda27.99

微微影院*All halal menu items sold at regular price*


Try our 24" Gigantic and 28" Ginormous Pizzas

24" Gigantic Cheese 29.99additional topping 6.99*
Feeds8-10 people
28" Ginormous Cheese 39.99additional topping 8.99*
Feeds10-12 people

Cut Into Squares

*24" Halal toppings - 9.99Any Chicken toppings 14.99*

*28" Halal toppings - 14.99Any Chicken toppings 19.99*


Please call the store in advance for large catering orders

Heart Shape Pizza available all year around


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